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About Us

So, what exactly is ChatterPlug and how does it work?

What is ChatterPlug?

ChatterPlug was founded in 2010 to create a first-of-its kind platform for businesses to enrich the experience of their on-location customers through their own branded mobile application. Businesses use ChatterPlug to gather real-time feedback, respond to customers instantly, build loyalty and increase data visibility with a full analytics suite.

ChatterPlug is an embedded platform, plugged into business' mobile applications, allowing you to present a branded experience as you gather customer insights and intelligence. Customer feedback is guaranteed to be on-site through patent-pending technology - meaning your business has Accurate, Authentic and most importantly Actionable feedback to improve. Whether you're a multi-national Fortune 500 or a Mom   Pop, you can completely customize the platform to meet your needs with a full suite of controls.

By providing immediate, direct responses to your customers' questions and comments, ChatterPlug creates a more positive and engaging on-location experience while ensuring that customers never leave your business having had a negative experience.

Your businesses can include customized loyalty programs and specials - or integrate with your existing program - to reward your customers for sharing feedback and remaining loyal customers. What's more, you make on-the-fly changes to your business with on-location analytics detailing all components of your customer interactions and engagements so that your brick & mortar can now operate with the same efficiency that web retailers have enjoyed for years.

ChatterPlug is headquartered in Tempe, AZ, with a dedicated team squarely focused on revolutionizing customer service for businesses.

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ChatterPlug is the first and only customer engagement platform that leverages the power of on-the-spot feedback and customer analytics. Find out why ChatterPlug is a win-win for you and your customers.


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