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PatientConnecter's Mobile-as-a-Service Platform is a patient-centered delivery system utilizing the Triple Aim approach.

Achieve the "Triple Aim" approach with innovative technology

  • 1Better population health
  • 2Improve patient experience and satisfaction
  • 3Reduce costs


17 Jul 2017 - Kindred Healthcare “will soon unveil a suite of mobile device applications designed to improve patient and family member engagement in the recovery process.”
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3 Oct 2014 - Come to The Well Conference to hear our Founder speak on why patient engagement is not your EMR portal.
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25 Jun 2014 – Sg2 is preparing for the 'System of Health' with innovative companies like PatientConnecter.
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5 Mar 2014 – Listen to our Founder, JoyAnn Book talk about some of the most critical needs in healthcare today!
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8 Apr 2013 – TFHD wins the Data Analytics Innovation Grant - PatientConnecter is a key part of this cutting-edge project...
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1 Apr 2013 – PatientConnecter has partnered with the National Rural Resource Center to provide a Rural HIT Blueprint and other resources to Rural CAH hospitals.


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